Contact Senator Angus King

We urge everyone to contact Senator Angus King, and thank him for supporting S. 562: ”The Seniors Mental Health Access Improvement Act of 2013.”

Here is Senator King’s Contact information:

Click here to email Senator King

Washington, D.C. Office: (202) 224-5344

Click here for the phone numbers of Senator King’s District Offices here in Maine (Scroll to bottom)

4 Comments on “Contact Senator Angus King”

  1. […] you contact Senator Collins to offer your gratitude, please call Senator King, and ask him to help Mainers — and all Americans — by supporting this […]

  2. Tom Higgins says:

    Hello – I am trying to respond to an email that Senator King sent me but his email address does not deliver the mail . I spent some time composing the email and I would like for him to read my response . I would appreciate you help . Respectfully -Tom Higgins

    • memhca says:

      Hi Tom,
      If I were you I would copy the text of your email and paste into the content section at Maybe you would want to add that you were trying to respond via email but could not do so by replying to the response you received. I looked around but could not find an email address listed. Maybe other readers have ideas. . .

  3. […] Please call or write to thank him! […]

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